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Open every day except on sunday, monday and bank holidays.
Booking by phone :
01 43 20 96 30
or 01 43 22 59 59

- The Restaurant -

Our history

Created by Jean Minchelli in the late 60s, man of the sea and friend of all fashionable in Paris, Le Duc is part of the New Wave cooking that will wash over the Hexagon: breaking with the dogmas of traditional home cooking the restaurant dares natural simplicity, reducing amount of sauces and cooking times to gain flavor and lightness. Here appeared the first raw fish dishes, never seen before anywhere else! This very modern cuisine provides Le Duc longevity and modernity. Slavik signed, the original decor anchor the place in a timeless chic.

Our products

Since its inception, quality and freshness are the watchwords of this high lineage place. Fish and shellfish come from the french coast, caught by modest fishermen. The menu follows the tides and seasons to deliver only the best of arrivals: lobster from Brittany, Belon oysters or sea bass are enhanced by the simplicity of preparation and accuracy of firings. As for spices and herbs, they know reveal the true nature of these unique products, whether luxury like turbot or popular as sardines.

Our team

In the kitchen, Pascal Hélard and his team maintain culinary guideline established by Jean Minchelli. The product is in the heart of the plate for a very gourmet time. In the dining room, bright eyes of Christophe and Olivier ensure that everyone feels well received. Whether at table or counter, for lunch or dinner, the customer is as a guest in the house, the service combines relaxation and elegance. The only woman on board with the male crew, Jeannine Minchelli, perpetuates the original spirit of the place created by her husband: refined, festive, contemporary, very Parisian!


Fishlicious Restaurant

243 bd Raspail 75014 PARIS

Open every day except on sunday, monday and bank holidays.

Booking by phone : 01 43 20 96 30 or 01 43 22 59 59